Book of The Dead

For the cost of 10 ANKH and 30 SCARAB & the power of a Sphinx you can summon one of these mythical artifacts...

This can only be done once per sphinx per 24 hours.

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Staking Reminders

Once a Sphinx is staked, it can't be unstaked for 24 hours.

SCARAB - 24 hours

ANKH - 5 days

Claiming will reset the staked time.

You can unstake within the first hour of staking.

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Origins 1:1

A feeble man, clothed in nothing but rags stumbled along through a desert storm. He was accompanied by no man, - only mysterious animals which he referred to as "Sphinxes".

Seeking shelter, they went from home to home, but were continually turned away. Eventually, a meek peasant on the outskirts offered them shelter. The peasant clothed and fed the man, even giving grain to his Sphinxes, and asked him why he was traveling in such terrible conditions.

The man replied,

"I set out of my home searching for those who would let me into theirs."

The peasant found this quite strange, but accepted the answer.

Dawn broke and the peasant awoke to greet the man and his pack of strange companions, but they all had vanished.

He quickly stumbled out the entry of his humble shelter and saw a single Sphinx remained. The Sphinx spoke to him,

"The open hearts and sharpened minds shall not go unnoticed. I am the key to a new world, hidden from the all seeing eye. We are they who guide the kings and queens with flaxen cord that cannot be seen. Our riches vast, and our knowledge endless. The true royal bloodline of Pharaohs long past is upheld by the servants who built their kingdom."

Upon completing it's introduction, the Sphinx explained to the peasant that there was a place and a people that needed him.

He told the peasant that he had been assigned to be his guide, but that soon, this lowly peasant would rise to lead countless men to greater heights...



SCARAB is the symbol of transformation and resurrection. Each one glows with a mystical power.


Ankh is the symbol of eternal life, and is said to be generated anytime there is change in life.


A Sphinx may be commanded to go out and search for coin. Choose the coin you seek and they will begin their journey.

Book of The Dead

Both powerful coins are required to attain a Book of The Dead - which is rumored to be powerful enough to raise the dead.


Binding - A unique idea yet to be realized in the realm. A Sphinx's royalties are tied to a master.


The ancient voice of a Pharaoh can command a Sphinx to bind to a new master. Rebinding the royalties. This great feat requires the use of both powerful gems.


Pharaoh Power?

The Pharaoh's mighty power can be used once and goes on a two week cooldown. The power rebinds a sphinx's royalties until that sphinx is rebinded by another pharaoh. This has a cost of 20 $SCARAB and 10 $ANKH.

Book of The Dead?

The price is fixed at 10 $ANKH and 30 $SCARAB. Once acquired, you begin the summoning ritual immdediately and it finishes in 3 weeks. The supply is 1000

Scarab distribution?

Scarab can be earned at a rate of 1 $SCARAB per 24 hours per staked sphinx.

Ankh distribution?

Currently, 100 $Ankh is split up amongst anyone who makes a purchase of a Sphinx on MagicEden. Additionally it can be earned via staking. The rate is 1 $ANKH per 5 days.


We've introduced our own staking mechanism to provide an alternative method of earning $ANKH for holders. Matrica labs is amazing and this won't interrupt or remove your integrated discord roles.


The master of a Sphinx receives the full royalty amount every time it is traded in the community market. The original masters were the minters, but the Pharaoh can rebind a Sphinx.

Liqudity Pools?

We've allocated funds to provide LPs for $ANKH and $SCARAB. We've yet to fund the LPs but we will.


We've designed a robust system with recommendations from many knowledgable people, although there may be flaws as we've introduced an entirely new style of tokenomic system - adjustments may need to be made, as we've already seen. The choices we make we believe to be the best for the future of the community.


We are passionate Solana NFT collectors, artists, and developers. We want to build cool things in the space, and we appreciate your help to make our vision a reality.